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Fishmonger Hops Aboard The Sustainable Fish Boat

Fishmonger’s Howell Mill location is featuring a unique summer ceviche made with ASC-certified cobia, showcasing their commitment to sustainable seafood. The ceviche, infused with hibiscus ponzu and flecked with Daikon radish, is part of a larger summer seafood series that runs from Memorial Day to July 4th. This initiative, in partnership with the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and local fish retailer Kathleen’s Catch, aims to promote eco-friendly aquaculture practices.

Skip Engelbrecht, who co-owns Fishmonger with Nhan Le, explains that the partnership with ASC aligns with their sustainability goals. "You have a good restaurant, you want good product—we were like, Where do we start?" Engelbrecht said. The series will feature dishes like cobia crudo and a branzino sandwich crafted by sous chef Momo Ueno, highlighting the versatility and quality of farm-raised fish. These offerings are available at various Fishmonger locations, including Pullman Yards.

Athena Davis, ASC’s Director of Marketing, emphasizes that aquaculture is the most sustainable form of animal protein. "Our certification ensures responsible farming practices that benefit both the environment and local communities," Davis said. The ASC, a global nonprofit, rigorously reviews and awards sustainability certifications to ensure high standards in seafood farming. This collaboration is part of a broader effort to boost awareness and interest in sustainable seafood throughout the supply chain.

Kathleen Hulsey of Kathleen’s Catch highlights the importance of balancing farmed and wild-sourced fish. "When you buy sustainable aquaculture-raised fish, you are giving life to wild stocks of fish that your grandchildren will get to eat and enjoy," Hulsey said. This initiative not only offers delicious seafood but also supports the longevity of wild fish populations, ensuring that future generations can enjoy them.

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