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Kathleen’s Catch grew out of a desire to feed my family really fresh fish. Occasionally at a very expensive restaurant I had been able to eat very high-quality seafood but finding quality, local, natural, and unique varieties to cook at home was close to impossible.


Because I had a personal connection, I was able to start buying fish directly from Inland Seafood for my family. Pretty soon I was selling it to my friends out of the trunk of my car. Word spread, business grew and my car started smelling very bad.


I leased a little space down the street from my house in Johns Creek and this is where Kathleen’s Catch was born. It was a family effort, painting and cleaning to get the store ready to open; today, the business continues to be a family effort. Long time customers have watched my grandchildren grow up. Two of my grandchildren and two of my nephews have actually worked in the stores. My daughter, Sara, is my partner and together we work tirelessly to bring the very best seafood products we can find to our customers in Johns Creek, Milton and now Brookhaven.


People are surprised to find quality like this in landlocked Atlanta. There aren’t many businesses like mine here in the city because it is a very difficult and demanding enterprise that takes constant attention. These aren’t boxed goods on the shelf – this is fresh, highly perishable seafood that needs to go out to your dinner table just as soon as it arrives in our store. We work hard, very hard, to make sure that you are getting the best the oceans have to offer. It is a challenge but we wake up early every morning to make it happen for you.


Come see us.

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