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01. Kathleen

Owner/Head Monger

When did you start at Kathleen’s Catch? August 2010
What inspires you? People who smile when they are sick or exhausted, babies, dogs, people who succeed in life without losing their humility, and I am inspired by a good night’s sleep.
Hobbies or interests? I am an avid reader of just about anything except Sci-Fi and romance novels. I love jigsaw puzzles, hanging out with my kids and grandkids, and going places I have never been.
Favorite seafood recipe? Halibut pan-fried in butter/caper sauce; Sable in a soy, Saki, mirin marinade; Barbequed salmon over cheese grits and all the Catch To Go recipes.
Why should customers come to Kathleen’s Catch? To buy the highest quality, all-natural seafood from the largest selection in metro-Atlanta from the friendliest, most educated staff.

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